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Need Some Good News? This Quiz Has Got You Covered.
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The Great Pacific garbage patch cleanup, plus more
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Gardening Can Lift Your Mood Even if You’ve Never Done it Before...
There’s a deep satisfaction that arises from tending a garden,
  so deep that it can enliven even those who don’t need to be, 
and even those who don’t know how, a new study shows.
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The key to healthy aging is relationships, relationships, relationships
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Grammy and Academy Award Winner H.E.R. to Star as Belle in ABC’s “Beauty and the Beast” 
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A man has spent 13 years transforming... Read More


Educational Classes
About Joy

400 balloon artists from around the world constructed a wonderland to benefit sick children.Read More 

Good Things Music Does For Aging Brains

“I could see this human being resurrect and start to reconnect with his environment,” she says, “just like I had given him a dose of medication.”
Mystified, she called his neurologist and asked what was happening. “He said, ‘Carol, you are watching the power of music, changing brain chemistry.’” 
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Amazon Driver Makes The
 Sweetest Delivery: 




Ask, and it shall be given you

Matthew 7:7

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime's work, but it's worth the effort.”




Researchers have found that about 50% of one's happiness depends on one's genes. This is shown by studying identical twins and learning that their happiness is 50% correlated even when growing up in different houses. About 10% to 15% is a result of various measurable variables, such as socioeconomic status, marital status, health, income, and others. The remaining 40% results from actions that individuals deliberately engage in for the purpose of becoming happier. However, these actions may vary between persons. For example, extroverts may benefit from placing themselves in situations involving large amounts of human interaction. Also, exercise has been shown to increase one's level of well-being significantly. In particular martial arts have been proven to both boost ones happiness via the benefits of physical exercise and improve a subject's self-confidence.

A great site about being happy.  Here, it's all about your Happiness! Maybe you're quite happy already, maybe just once in a while. Perhaps you're not happy at all, or depressed to various degrees. But no matter where's your starting point today, you can be perfectly happy!  Interesting book on getting happier. First two chapters are free to read online. http://www.the-happy-side.com/jsp/x1-1.jsp


Articles about being happy


Here are a bunch of great political parody sites, some with very funny animation:

The Borowitz Report
Betty Bowers: America's Best Christian
The Onion
White House.org
Get Your War On
The Illustrated Daily Scribble
The Specious Report
Enjoy the Draft
Lie Girls
Pleasure Boat Captains For Truth
Rowboat Veterans For Truth
Internet Weekly Report
MadKane's Political Humor
All Hat No Cattle
Billionaires For Bush
George W Bush.org
Too Stupid To Be President.com (Some GREAT animation!)
Diebold Variations
Albino Black Sheep

Mark Fiore's animated political cartoons. Finally, the endless hours sitting in front of the T.V. watching cartoons and eating Cheerios have begun to pay off for Fiore!

Take a break and play on the Etch-a-Sketch!

The Shikwekwes
This comic strip takes a look at an African family as they struggle to cope with demands of life with a light touch.

Where you spend less time searching and more time laughing.

Almost All in Good Fun
1/2 illustration and 1/2 commentary. The illustrations are done with a neat tool called the Wacom digitizer which allows one to draw on screen. The image has a different appearance than a scanned printout.

bought thought
Free thought has a price. Funny prank letters and "angry" record reviews.

Funny, Crazy, Cool T-Shirts - From parody to rude, to downright offensive. At urbanmist.com we have the humor, weird, novelty T-shirt you've been looking for that will get people talking.

Features topical humor with Harold and his friends.

Mental Illusions
Some of the most exciting optical illusions, flash and games!

Outrageous & totally stupid cartoons designed for the foolish amongst us complete with handpicked webmaster resources with none of that smelly stuff left behind in a field previously occupied by bulls! Read & play games!

It Could Have Happened
Give me a sock with a brick in it and I can change the world... One idiot at a time! Based on events in my everyday life that could have happened a certain way, but didn't. Usually for the best.

A freebie site that keeps itself up-to-date!

Comedy Soapbox
A network of Comedy Rooms in NYC and Philly. Written up in Comedy Central's newsletter, the site features comics like Marc Maron and Sarah Silverman, and has the most comprehensive list of Comedy Clubs on the web.

Planet Ming
Funny Sites when UR Bored!

An online humor magazine. Contrary to popular belief, Scrambled is not a '70s-style greasy spoon.

Say It Ain’t So
Edgy and often political material centered around the world of sports.

F.L.Jerry Magic & Prank Shop
FLJerry.com is the ultimate source of magic and gag novelty items on the net. For both the amateur as well as professional magician or prankster. Quality Products at an Affordable Price!

Humor of Melvin Durai
Humor columns of Melvin Durai, a U.S.-based, India-born humorist whose weekly columns entertain thousands of readers in more than 90 countries.

By Peter S. Conrad, an artist, writer and illustrator in Northern California. His comics appear in numerous anthologies, a few newspapers and movie screens in Silicon Valley.

An online comic magazine featuring humourous comics, short reviews and other great!

Comedy Coach
Neil Leiberman teaches the basics of Stand-Up Comedy.

Because all the good names were taken.

Jokes 100Diary
Links to lots of great sites!

Strange's Late-Nite-TV Zinger Winners
Favorite zingers from late-nite TV collected in one place.

Stephanie Piro
One of King Features' team of women cartoonists.

Chocolate Milk
Have some!

Randy Glasbergen
Very fine cartoonist!

Lord Bonkers' Diary
Read Lord Bonkers' Diary... funny and enlightening!

Ask Uncle Ralph
The "Dear Abby" of the Trailer Trash community.

Manly Warts cartoon
What it means to be a man in the 21st century.

New information and entertainment -- Lots of great links!

The Funny Sites
Lots of funny site links, with banners and ratings.

One picture is worth a thousand words.

The Thinking Impaired
Comic strips, humorous stories and editorials.

A playful path to happiness.

San Francisco Mime Troupe
"Mime" in the ancient sense: to mimic. SFMT shows are anything but silent, using song and satire, seeking to make you laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life and at the same time, see their causes. Their hilarious yet insightful shows cover the burning issues of our time, generally debunking the "official" story. The troupe performs everywhere from public parks to palaces of culture, aiming to reach the broadest possible audience.

Funny Doodle
This site is too funny... viewer discretion is advised!

Progressive Revelations
Humor & politics... right up our alley!

Grist Magazine
Gloom and doom with a sense of humor. Impossible, you say? Nah. Visit Grist Magazine, a beacon in the smog.

Hair of the Dawg
Fun site!

An online magazine featuring comics, articles and animation.

Editorial and panel cartoons.

Strange and interesting drawings.

Smile Poetry Weekly
Home of original funny family friendly poetry and of the free ezine, Smile Poetry Weekly.

Humor Palace
Jokes, animation, funny pics, etc, etc!

Bob Pladek's very funny humor columns!

Bud Plant Comic Art
Handling art books, graphic novels, comic strip collections, books on illustrators from the past, popular culture, erotic art and photography, and thousands of other products.

Free Greeting Cards & Daily Humour. Choose from over 2000 free internet greeting cards as well as free jokes, cartoons and games.

WowComics - Full Screen Online Comic Books, showcasing 50 Independent Publishers' comic books with new ebook format. The comics have multilingual capabilities too. Wowcomics.com, the future of comic ebooks!

Sheila Moss, Humor Columnist
Some of the funniest humor writing on the net -- enjoy the wit and wisdom of Tennessee Firefly, just for laughs!

68 Sweet Street
A sweet, single-panel cartoon about small town life, updated weekly.

International World Cartoons
International cartoonists and super-top links.

Great political satire cartoon strip!

The Gabber
A site run by a group of Brisbane stand-up comedians looking to diversify their talents into other areas of comedy writing and delivery. Local and international issues are sliced, diced, blended, thrown away and then remade from a packet mix for your entertainment.

Featuring plenty of "contagious-entertainment" content including original flash programming and much more.

Sea Urchins
A daily comic strip chronicling the adventures of an atypical family living on a boat.

ThE WeEkLy GiGgle
This Website will make you Laugh every week! Packed with Hilarious images, Jokes, Pranks and Humor! Updated Weekly with a $100 Weekly Contest for the funniest image submission!

Dokie the Dog
About a pooch who lives in a tree, has his own satellite dish, and is owned by a weather babe. Full color. Updated every M/W/F

A Turtle Comic Strip for all ages.

This panel has sardonic/ironic themes that are often just a little peculiar.

Cloning Around
Space-age critters created straight from a bottle who get into nothing but futuristic trouble.

Thanks For Nuthin!!
Very good panel cartoon!

Gilda Radner talks dirty to animals, Steve Martin investigates cat juggling, Eddie Murphy goes after the ice cream man and Jeff Foxworthy talks about rednecks - Everyday on Khaha.com.

Travis Simmons, Stand-up Comedian
Original MP3 audio comedy!

D.A.T.A. Radio
More Original MP3 audio comedy!

Monkeys in a Jar
Fun website. Check it out!

The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life
Embarrassing true stories that happened on blind dates, during sex, at work, and in college. Very funny!

Magic Meister
Amazing online magic tricks!

Caption Contest
Check out these funny pictures and write your own captions - or see what other people wrote.

Madeleine Begun Kane, Humor Columnist
Humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane is Raising Kane about everything that irks her: the Internet, marriage, computers, cars, money, privacy, work, politics, and other aggravations. Her satirical Dubya's Dayly Diary has been named USATODAY.com's Fun Site of the Week and won an About.com Bushie Award for best Bush-inspired parody on the Net.

The Funny Papers
Lots of great comic strips & panels; top 100 comic sites, cartooning resources, etc.

Paranoid Joe
Political correctness has reached strange new levels. Paranoid Joe gives us a rough guide three times a week.

A Sick Puppy!
Who can resist a kick-ass face lickin' from this here cute puppy?

HaLife Humor Links
Extensive links to humor sites from all over!

The SmileClub
Eastern European Cartoons!

Greg Dean's College of Comedy Knowledge
So you want to be a comedian, eh? You gotta check out this site!

Cloning Around
The antics of a collection of clones, mutations, creatures and monsters who have escaped from a genetic engineering lab and the Slightly Miffed Scientist, Prof. Arnbuckle, who created them.

Funny Videos
Funny videos from all over!

Giggle Productions
Business & IT cartoons and worst case practice. Instead of offering best practice advice and guidance about where organisations should be going, this site shows them where they don't want to end up.

Teens Helping Teens
Information on all types of abuse.

Ed Hall is an editorial cartoonist who has won numerous awards in the state of Florida and is published weekly in the Baker County Press.

Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids
A feature created by Bob Webber Jr. while at King Features Syndicate.

Vampirella Fan Pages
Pages devoted to T. Casey Brennan, creator of "Vampirella," etc.

Toon Inn
94 of the net's top cartoonists are featured on this site. Daily, weekly, monthly, and some of the best illustrators around. Adding new toons all the time.

The Deepend
Anton Ballard's daily cartoon strip.

Gilchrist Studios Online
At Guy Gilchrist's website you'll find 'Nancy', 'The Muppets', 'Night Lights & Pillow Fights', 'Mudpie', drawing lessons, games, contests and his award winning children's books.

Total Eclipsed
Great panel as well as editorial cartoons by Christo.

Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet
A brilliant and beautiful techie woman named Helen and her adventures.

Cartoons by Gaspirtz

Toy Trunk Railroad
About the antics of a fantasy railroad. Online since June of 96, it is suitable for all ages.

The Mr. Chuck Show featuring Ned and Stumpy
A comic strip about a talking dog who has his own TV show. It's funny as a big pile of old sticks. Really.

The New Paradigm Oracle
Poetry heralds the New Paradigm.

Cornered is a very funny daily color cartoon panel by Mike Baldwin, distibuted by Universal Press Syndicate.

Strange Breed
An off beat single panel cartoon with a slight twist of reality.

Political Cartoons by Pete Wagner
The most politically incorrect visual artist in America!

Spungifeel Comix
Plastic scribblings for your pseudo-intellectual needs.

Live Comics & Collectibles Auction
Sellers can start their own online auctions and sell their Comics & Collectibles to a world wide audience. Bidders can find great deals on Comics, Animation Art, Disney, Art, Trading Cards, Antiques, Beanies, Memorabilia, Stamps, Pottery, Ceramics, Jewelry, Toys, Railroadania, Sci-Fi, Computers, Stereos and lots more.

Laugh Seeds
a single panel comic strip by D.K. Glebe that is updated daily.

The word perspicacious means clearly presented or easily understood. Perspicuity - which has a much nicer ring and rhythm to it - is the quality of being perspicacious. The Perspicuity Review's primary mission is to eschew obfuscation.

A comic strip.

Bizarre News
A weird and funny site offering the best in strange and unusual news items from the world's press. Good for a laugh or several.

The Geek Theatre
Funny comics, insults, jokes, sounds, stories and links.

Whitewater Rafting!
Not necessarily funny, but definately fun.

Alternative Press, Inc.
Features independent artists they publish.

The Fray Ormandy Home Page
Featuring cartoons, Random Objects(TM), and a daily hyperlinked Bon Mot (i.e., "quote of the day").

Fandom Directory
A directory of publications, stores, conventions and personal listings of fans of comics and gaming, etc.

Clay Bennett's Page
Clay Bennett is a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist. He now has his own syndicate, the Acme News Service. This site features his cartoons and promotes his new syndicate.

Stuart's Comic Strip Connection
The Web's largest site devoted to comic strips, 700+ comics strong, plus related resources.

Professional Cartoonists Links Page
The most complete listings of links to editorial cartoonists. Check it out!

Argon Zark
Beautifully drawn. About being sucked into the Web. The medium is the message.

Comics 'n Stuff
Extensive listing of what's available on the Web.

Zippy This Week
Life according to Zippy the Pinhead.

Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Much more than a comic strip! Not only can you search the Doonesbury Archives, but you can also take part in a straw poll, visit a chat room and even get updated on the latest political news.

Capitol Steps
Musical political satire by The Capitol Steps, the Washington-based troupe of Congressional staffers turned songwriters.

New information and entertainment -- Lots of great links!


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