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The world's largest slum rehabilitation project. Read It
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Funds Girl's Wish
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Alexandra Scott, 8, has accepted that she may not live to see 10 candles on her birthday cake. She may never get a learner's license, throw a sweet 16 birthday party or experience the thrill of a first kiss. But the little girl from Philadelphia is determined to stop the disease that is killing her -- a cancer called neuroblastoma -- from killing other children for a lack of research and research funds. Read 


Going through a stressful period in my life, constantly bombarded with bad news both from the news media and life in general, I was looking on the internet for websites with good news or sites on being "Happy". I was dismayed at the number of sites that were highly commercialized, solely out to sell their book or set of motivation tapes. If they were not obviously commercial sites, they had some sort of hidden agenda.  

Was I the only one wanting help on being more happy, looking for help changing my perspective? I began to record the sites that helped me, the bits of wisdom, and compiled them in one place. (I have tried to note the original source when possible and if there are any incorrect credits or any quotes not credited, please let me know.)

Another issue I had was the biased media and reporting toward bad news. In reading a story, the reporter always twisted the story with a negative slant. Why couldn't the story be written with a positive slant? Just for fun, I started revising stories with a positive ending, focusing on the positive rather than the negative. The result is this site.

TheHappyNews.com Presents The Pleasant News Service. Finally... A balance to the disaster hungry news media.


Why we started the Pleasant News Service. 

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