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Alexandra Scott, 8, has accepted that she may not live to see 10 candles on her birthday cake. She may never get a learner's license, throw a sweet 16 birthday party or experience the thrill of a first kiss. But the little girl from Philadelphia is determined to stop the disease that is killing her -- a cancer called neuroblastoma -- from killing other children for a lack of research and research funds. Read 

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      Why we started the Happy News Service


A straightforward assignment for kids and their parents can kick-start the uptick. For starters, write down five things you're grateful for every day. If you can't think of five things, hone in on the senses, suggest Emmons. What is the best thing you've heard, tasted, touched, seen and smelled that particular day?

Five things I'm grateful for:    (Skip down to today)

Turning 48 today.  
1. I thought I would die before age 30. I am grateful that I have lived so long and experienced so much.
2. A loving partner.  I sometimes make it very hard on her. I'm grateful that she is in my life.
3. A successful business. I'm grateful that our business is doing well enough for us to live comfortably.
4. Building an extension to our warehouse. Things are going well enough we need more space. 
5.  I am smart enough and healthy enough to build it myself.


1. The Internet.  I love being to read and wonder about the world.    
2. Montana. Living in Montana is the best decision we made.     
3. Farmers. Food companies. Truckers. The Interstate Highway System.   
4. Grocery store distribution centers. Stock clerks. Cashiers.   
5. I'm grateful that I can walk into a grocery store and buy food.    


1. Supportive family     
2. Plentiful bounty       
3. The sun in Winter    
4. Turkey    
5. Refrigerators      



1. A great dog     
2. A crackling fire      
3. A warm place to be on a cold day     
4. A comfy chair    
5. Distance....    


The Current Happy News 




CNN has become Cable Negative News and the Chaos News Network.  They exaggerate the bad news, and you can watch their slanted coverage change from hour to hour.  They are so hungry for dead bodies, they sued FEMA in order to show the bodies.   The good news it that there is something we can do about it...   More...

Does the Main Stream Media
 Have a Bad News Bias?



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